Who are we?

Calkhoven Sport was found in march 2019 by Tim Calkhoven, a young race mechanic and race engineer in training. After working for years in several teams and also running a team, Tim decieded it was time to move on and so he started with Calkhoven Sport.

Tim calkhoven:

From young age on Tim was inspired by fast cars and racing, so in 2012 the first step towards motorsport begun doing an internship at Lammertink Racing. After that many more internships in motorsport folowed and it became a side job next to his study. Besides working for one team more and more freelancing work came to his path. Most of these teams where racing with racecars from Porsche all over Europe.

Currently Tim is almost at the end of his university life studying automotive engineering and in this way becoming an engineer. After the graduation the goal is to continu Calkhoven Sport full-time.

Calkhoven Sport:

Calkhoven Sport is started from the idea of being a freelance race mechanic. Soon it grew out to more then just a mechanic. The interest of data and stategy came on our path. This made the business wider and wider.

Next to that we do lots off different things including: drawing and making one off products such as brake caliper adapters and small suspension parts. Still our main focus lies on building, running and maintaining racecars in a variaty of series.

Above is the audi “rs2” build from gorter racing, after we did the set up and corner weights the car improved alot. foto is made during a test in germany.